Our Mission

Helping people everywhere live with presence. Nurturing a simple, sustainable, & peace filled meditative experience through time tested techniques and tools. Giving the gift of gratitude…one breath at a time.

Who We Are

IM is our powerful, heart based, and intuitively focused meditative company. Our pure intent of making brilliant clear meaningful moments of ease and comfort accessible to all, one breath at a time. Presence, as well as being in the now with complete ease and grace, has driven us to bring helpful meditative tools to all who wish to learn and access more calm and peace of mind. We have created hip, fun, sustainable product to assist anyone (and everyone) on this centering quest for more conscious living. Making meditation easy, accessible and deeply rewarding for our IM community, family, and global unit is our leading force. We wish all to live a more rewarding and fruitful life.

IM has taken the wisdom of our bodies, science, health, energy and vast meditation history to create a simple yet powerful way to go deeply into our own well of choice, emotional intelligence, peak performance, presence in daily life and manifesting great wealth within and without.

How To

Find Your Breath.

IM breath teaches us to center and calm in our present now, to find stillness; eventually not needing a mantra or saying at all. IM sayings give us the positive choice to change our thought patterning and negative speak. With simple, accessible I Am thoughts, words, and co-creation.

Clear Your Mind.

The mind likes to wander so it needs something to do when you’re first learning to meditate. It’s  good to choose an IM saying that is positive and that your mind can enjoy. Make this a positive IM.

Feed The Soul.

Now that you have chosen your IM, sink into your body, relax the shoulders, open your heart, and begin your IM practice…


Simple Action: Energy in Positive Motion

Contact Us

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